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Our Company History

Get To Know Us

Founded in 2023 by Mirianne and her husband, Pierre, TOPFOUNDS CLEANING LLC is a new venture born out of a passion for cleanliness and a desire to make a positive impact in the community. Mirianne, with her background in education, and her husband, a professional in the chemistry field, recognized an opportunity to leverage their knowledge and skills to establish a successful janitorial services company. And that's what we do at Topfounds Cleaning since then.


Mirianne and her husband are confident in their ability to run the company and succeed in private and federal contracts. Our past experiences say it all. We are committed to leveraging their expertise, dedication, and innovative spirit to provide top-quality cleaning services and earn the trust of their clients.


TOPFOUNDS CLEANING LLC is driven by a vision of growth and excellence, and Mirianne and Pierre, are excited to embark on this journey, confident that their determination and commitment to excellence pave the way for success.

Key Personnel:

Mirianne B. , Owner, CEO

Pierre Z. , co-owner, President


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